Who is best to carry out viewings?

So, who should show viewers around your house? 

Some local estate agents will tell you that you are the best person to show people around your own home. (“After all, you know your home better than anyone”.) 

Whilst other agents (me for one) feel they should accompany every viewer where possible.

I have found that buyers often feel uncomfortable with the seller, as they are unable to say what they really think of the house… 

In my view, there is a time and a place for a vendor to show the home, possibly second or third viewing if required, but if the agent can be present to fill in any gaps on the viewing regarding process and timings, local market, legal time frames etc, for me that is the best strategy.

IMO – Your estate agent should always be the one to conduct the first viewing of your home.

We are the experts in selling houses right?. And it’s what you’re paying for in the commission fee, not just a Rightmove advert and viewing booking service.

We are trained to listen for buying signals and respond professionally and skillfully. 

This ensures your buyer feels comfortable and secure enough to share their thoughts and feedback with your agent.

Although your agent should arrive in plenty of time for the viewing, it’s really helpful if you prepare your home for the viewing. Lighting lamps, having the central heating on if necessary, even lighting the fire if you have one, and perhaps some candles, Bi-fold doors open in the summer etc. 

Remember your viewers could turn up early, so give yourself time to prepare.

Try not to awkwardly hang about.

Once you are happy that your home looks at its very best, and your agent has arrived, it’s time to make yourself scarce. Walk the dog, visit your favourite coffee shop, or just pop next door to your neighbour’s house until the viewers have left, or maybe just sit in the garden.

Make sure your agent has your mobile number if you do go out, so they can call you once the viewing is over and it’s safe to return. 

Or leave them instructions about how to leave the house, and what to do with the key, so you can go back when you’re ready to!

When your viewers want a second viewing, it’s good to be there. A couple of exceptions to this rule: if only one of a couple has viewed the first time, then the second viewing is actually the first viewing for one of them, so needs to be treated accordingly, estate agents who call the partner viewing a “second viewing” are incorrect

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