Home selling in Shropshire? Here are some tips.

Statistics suggest that the best time to sell your house is from mid-February until the end of June. This season brings many buyers and sellers to the market, and remember the competition may be strong with sellers competing to get the best price for their home, what we find at Daniel James residential, is that well-prepared homes are the ones that achieve the best price.t.

Spring also brings all sorts of home décor possibilities, from bright colour options, to simply the natural sunlight returning and brightening up your home.

Here are some ideas for you to optimise the space in your home to add appeal to potential homebuyers:

A good old spring clean ca make a difference

A deep clean to help sell your property might be an obvious tip, but it’s an effective and affordable one that can be overlooked during the sales process. It is a classic tradition that involves cleaning your home from top to bottom, including the less-used areas. Investing £20-£30 for a professional window cleaner is a great idea, also mirrors and hard-to-reach corners. A clean and clear home could make all the difference in a buyer’s mind.

Some buyers make decisions quickly and a clean home is a looked-after home.

An investment in time for a new look.

Now that your home is clean, you have the perfect opportunity to freshen up the space with a lick of paint. Neutral tones are great for a crisp and clean finish, while pops of colour can add personality with minimal effort required. Make sure you do not forget the fence panels in the garden!

Don’t forget your nose

Make sure your home doesn’t smell of fresh paint. The milder months are the perfect time to air out the house. Candles or air fresheners are great, too. Remember, nothing too strong or overpowering, a light fresh smell if possible.

In Bloom!

Placing a vase of flowers in a room is an excellent way of bringing the outside in and adding fragrant floral scents and vibrant colours into the home. Seeing a bunch of beautiful flowers with an array of colours is a wonderful first impression, remember some viewers will drive by your home prior to viewing, so make sure you show them a taster of how loved your home is. 

The garden’s role

After a long, cold winter, the garden probably needs some attention. The front of the house and garden are the first things a buyer will see, so you’ll want them to be greeted by colour, brushed pathways, a jet-washed driveway and a fresh-looking front door. Even if you just have a modest lawn, it will make all the difference to have it cared for and looking its best.

Hanging baskets and small plot plants at the front door can also make all the difference.

Let there be light

As the natural light returns with slightly longer days in spring, your home will look and stay brighter.

However do check your lightbulbs for the darker rooms, also make sure curtains are pulled back to make the most of the natural light throughout your home.

Add some homely touches

It’s all about balance. Avoid clutter in the house, whilst maintaining a lived-in aesthetic. You want the buyer to envision living in the space without being distracted by mismatched décor or clutter.. 

Check out this quick video for more advice.

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