Quality over quantity (Pic- Lower minster, SY11)

Quality over quantity, you may have heard that expression before, but how does that translate into viewings and a home sale?

Quite simply put, qualify your buyers, understand their motivations to move and make regular contact.

Up until recent times, an “Open house” has been a popular choice of marketing for estate agents, I personally have never liked the concept, I used to say you wouldn’t want to test drive a car with people sitting in the back…

Of course, smarter agents will arrange appointment times over the space of a couple of hours if needs be, 15 minute appointments for a semi-detached or terrace home seems to be the norm, there is no need in these current times to have more than one buyer in a home at any time.

I used a “Block viewing” scenario with Lower minster, in short, we booked 5 viewings and received 2 offers after the second viewings.

Yes, Rightmove and Zoopla are fantastic tools, but if you do not know your qualify your buyers effectively and speak to them regularly and build trust, you will introduce the wrong type of buyers and waste everyone’s time.

Speak to you soon,

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