Selling tips-10 tips to consider

Dear readers,

It has never been so important to prepare your home for sale, remember when you go to market you are in competition not isolation, so make sure your home stands out to buyers.

  1. First impressions
    First impressions count for everything. professionally clean the windows and replace the worn-out door mat so prospective buyers aren’t put off before they’ve even walked through the front door. Kerb appeal is of paramount importance. Colourful pot plants also work well. Make sure your door has a fresh coat of paint if needed. Remember that some buyers will drive by before committing to viewing.
  2. Attention to detail
    Have a spring clean and get to the corners you’d normally ignore. Buyers come with a critical eye and will inspect a room from wall to wall – you don’t want them looking up at the ceiling and seeing a collection of cobwebs.
  3. Maintenance
    Some buyers will be put off by the idea of any DIY. Run a quick maintenance check throughout your home and get the toolbox or paintbrush out. Do any bulbs need replacing, is the hallway wall shabby? or is there a loose door handle that needs to be tightened, for example?
  4. Pets
    If you have a pet be mindful of the smells. A house that smells of pets can be a real turn-off for some viewers. Washing the dog’s bed and clearing cat trays are good ideas, too.
  5. Declutter
    You need to help prospective buyers imagine where their furniture and family pictures will go. Rooms full of mismatched furniture or an oversupply of personal details can also make a room look small. Prospective buyers may want to check inside cupboards: if they’re packed full, throw away everything you don’t need, or put things in a suitcase for a few weeks. Hide all those plastic toys which can take up so much space. Demonstrating your home has adequate storage is crucial. The best way to declutter is to start early!
  6. Character preservation
    If you are de-cluttering, remember not to remove traces of character altogether – thoughtful splashes of colour and a few well-chosen soft furnishings can make a property feel more stylish and individual. It’s useful to remember what it was that made you fall in love with your home when you bought it.
  7. A lifestyle setting- Go the extra mile
    Some buyers are looking for a lifestyle as much as a home. Setting the table with a simple white dinner set and some pretty napkins, for example, can help people imagine living in your home. Flowers also work well. Open the windows ahead of viewing – it’ll help create a ‘fresh’ feeling during a viewing.
  8. Bathroom details
    Another quick win can be in the bathroom. Potential buyers often want to check the water pressure of the shower so remove any limescale that might have built up, it’s an easy job but can make a big difference. A good idea is to remove the excess toiletry bottles.
  9. Additional space
    Showing buyers how they can create additional space can be an effective way to demonstrate how your property might work for them, without the expense of carrying out any structural work. Investigate what could be done and highlight the possible options.
    Selling a home that has potential is a real benefit to any buyer, again this allows them to really see how they could alter the home in the future.
  10. Garden upkeep
    The garden can be the most important room in the house. Mow the lawn, cut back any trees and bushes, tidy up the garden furniture, hide the children’s plastic toys and plant some inexpensive colourful flowers.

We are here to advise, so contact us with any further questions.

Good luck, Daniel & The team

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