When is it time to move home?

Homeowners often wonder what life would be like had they only bought somewhere else.

Sometimes, this is just the happy imagination dreaming of other things over a nice cup of tea, but oftentimes, it’s a clear indication it may just be the right time to sell.

Let’s take a look at some of the common signs that it’s time to move.

Your Kids Have Outgrown Their Bedrooms

So much of life at home is built around family dynamics, but kids grow up quickly, and their new independence can put pressure on the home. What was once a perfect space for two happy toddlers to share their childhood, transforms into a battle ground for teenage rage, and nowhere to stash your guests for sleepovers.

When the time comes to spread out, a home with enough bedrooms brings a sense of personal ownership and better independence in children. Gardens too are wonderful exercise yards to let off all that extra energy, and can make room for that much-loved pet you’ve always wanted.

If you find yourself constantly smoothing out tiffs over who gets to turn the lights off tonight, who wants which colour curtains, and which side of the room should be kept sibling-free, it may just be time to start looking for somewhere more suitable.

You Want Access To Better Catchment Areas

If you’re hoping to gain access to the best of the community amenities, then it’s worth looking for property located in popular areas.

Homes within a 5-minute walk of a Waitrose fetch higher prices than homes with a local Lidl, because Waitrose is more likely to be associated with a better quality image than a low-cost supermarket.

How does this phenomenon translate into everyday life?

When you live in an area approved of by a higher-end supermarket, you’re likely to also fall into the catchment area for better schools, a better GP, a better dentist, and a better collection of neighbours.

This doesn’t always need to be an expensive area, but it should be one that gives you the collection of services that most appeals to you and your family.

You’re Tired Of Solving Problems

The great pandemic of 2020 not only changed the way we live and work, but also developed us into a nation of problem-solvers.

Home offices were perched on everything from the sofa to the kitchen sink, people genuinely started working from the cupboard under the stairs, and just like that the world went mute on Zoom.

Work from home became work from anywhere, countless new businesses have been started, and we have become experts at getting things done online.

Most of us were left figuring out how to live, work, and play in the space we have, which led to plenty of hobbies and lots of banana bread, but also left us tired of figuring out how to make it work.

When the constraints of your home are high on your list of problems to solve, one of the easiest ways to resolve it is to sell your home and move somewhere more suitable for your needs.

You’ve Grown Beyond Your Home

Empty nest syndrome is difficult for parents. Kids grow up, then they move out and leave an excellent guest room that’s just not the same without them.

Sure, it’s nice to keep their bedrooms just as they liked them when they were teenagers, but the reality of empty bedrooms is they can become neglected and difficult to maintain.

Downsizing makes room for new memories.

Moving to a smaller house can be a positive experience. Perhaps you would love to have that charming cottage in a quirky coastal town, or pocket a tidy sum from the sale of your home to spend some time travelling abroad instead?

Is Now The Right Time To Sell Your House?

If you find yourself nodding along to any of the ideas above, it might be time to consider putting your home on the market.

Daniel James residential assists homeowners to make informed decisions about when to sell, so you can get the very best value out of your current home.

Get in touch, and start your journey to a better life today!

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