Being mindful with the moving process- 5 steps

When you sell a property there is usually always an equal measure of both positive change and stress.

On one hand, there are new adventures just around the corner. On the other hand, there are forms to complete, boxes to pack, and of course, all the emotional ups and downs that come naturally with significant life changes.

We’ve put together a few mindful thoughts to help you appreciate the experience, so you can reap the endless rewards of selling your property long after your house sale completes.

Change Is A Positive Force For Good

Sometimes taking the first step to sell your property is the hardest, but when you commit to the process it becomes a whole lot easier.

Think of the ideal home and lifestyle you’re setting yourself up to attain. Perhaps you’ll enjoy more living space, either as a private garden or an extra bedroom, or maybe you’ll be in a more desirable location to better suit your needs. You could also be moving somewhere cosier, safer, or better equipped to give your children a brighter future or make the social journeys easier.

Regardless of why you are selling your property, wherever you go next is sure to open some valuable doors for you.

Cleaning And Packing Can Be Therapeutic.

Once in a while, you get given the incentive to actually sort your stuff out.

Moving home is one of those convenient times when you can go through everything you own… so, since you’re there, you might as well use this time to decide whether you really need all those extra cables for devices you no longer own stuffed in that drawer in the kitchen that we all have.

Make sure everything you’ve got still sparks the joy in you. Who knows – you might even find a few eBay items to sell.

Looking For A New Home is fun..

House hunting needn’t be a chore! Become an explorer, and stretch a little further than your mind’s eye.

Visit other areas of interest, view properties across the full range of your budget, and play around with any crazy ideas you may be toying with. This gives you endless choices and may bring you something delightfully unexpected.

DANIEL JAMES- TIP- Go and meet the estate agents on the high street- We remember faces better than rightmove requests! and who knows they might have something “coming soon” that ticks the boxes.

Moving Away Doesn’t Mean Losing Friends

Perhaps one of the toughest things people think of when moving home is the thought of losing nearby friends.

Thanks to a digital world, we’ve got more ways to get in touch with the people we care about than ever before, and we can do this in the blink of an eye, I must admit this was a big concern for me (Daniel) when moving up from my home town, but what actually happens is when you make time to visit friends it makes for a real occasion.

Usually, moving house lets in a new group of friends, especially if you’re moving to rural areas where there tends to be a stronger sense of community, and this is certainly something I found out (Dan) when moving from London.

These new friends are not there to replace your existing friends, but instead widen your social circles, so you can feel happier and more supported in your new home.

Paperwork Is Easier Than It Looks On Paper

It’s important to stay positive and to focus on the bigger picture of why you are selling, rather than what you are selling.

At DJR, we’ve been at hand to assist homeowners through all sorts of situations. There is little we haven’t seen, and little we can’t assist with. We’re here every step of the way to help you get the required paperwork done and dusted with little effort at all.

Most Importantly, Try and Enjoy The Process

Whatever your reason for selling, ride the wave and make the most of it.

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