Japanese Knotweed

What is Japanese knotweed?

Hailing from the volcanic slopes of Nagasaki, Japan, knotweed arrived in the UK in 1850 in a collection of samples sent to Kew Gardens and, rather favoured by the Victorians as an ornamental plant, has since become established here. 

Can I buy or sell a property with knotweed?

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to Japanese knotweed.

Sellers are obliged to answer truthfully to a direct question relating to Japanese knotweed on the TA6 Property Information form, completed as part of the conveyancing process – and failure to do so could lead to a very unpleasant and expensive misrepresentation claim further down the line.

Will knotweed affect my property’s value?

The simple answer is yes, knotweed can knock up to 10% off the average house price, but don’t panic. If the problem is professionally remediated with an insurance-backed guarantee, the property’s value normally returns to close to the ‘non-affected’ value.

How can Japanese knotweed be treated?

There are several methods of dealing with knotweed, the least expensive being herbicide treatment over two to three years. Increasingly, homeowners are opting to have the knotweed physically dug out of the ground, with all viable rhizome roots sifted and removed from the infected soil.

This can be carried out within a few days, at any time of year – and it’s an instant fix. An insurance backed guarantee can then be secured, meaning there will be no difficulties obtaining a mortgage and the property can be bought and sold.

There’s no doubt Japanese knotweed can cause serious damage to buildings and negatively impact their value. But with the right treatments and guarantees in place, there’s no reason why it needs to be a deal breaker.

If you have any questions, do call me.

Best regards, Daniel

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