Who should conduct the viewings? The estate agent of course.


Most of the work involved with a viewing doesn’t happen on the viewing. It’s in the run-up to the appointment, straight after leaving the appointment and over the next couple of days.

It all starts with our very first conversation to understand the buyers’ needs and ultimately try a build some rapport enabling a more efficient property search. Reading between the lines provides a number of clues to their lifestyle, work and if schooling is important, which helps us build a picture of their perfect home. Very often, it’s a question and answers conversation that provides the lightbulb moment for the agent and inturn the matchmaking of buyer and house ramps up.

The end of the viewing is the ideal opportunity for a casual chat outside. As well as gauging the initial response of your viewer, it’s a chance to:

-Talk more about the neighbourhood and what’s nearby if that is required 
-Recommend a stop at a great local coffee shop or pub on their way back home
Invite them to return for a second viewing at a different time of day if the light wasn’t great for example.
A period of reflection often provides a more certain response, and 24-48 hours after a viewing is when those first impressions will have properly sunk in, remember many buyers are looking at multiple properties. 

Even if someone doesn’t want to come back for a second look, their feedback is paramount to keep up the momentum in finding you a buyer.


Successful viewings depend on a detailed knowledge of the a property, flexibility on showing times, and a comfortable environment for every viewer. 

As a general rule of thumb in our office, your estate agent should:

(If the seller can help in advance, we welcome the help 🙂 ) 

  • Shoes off, please!
  • Open all interior doors for light and a sense of flow
  • Have something to say about each room beyond “this is the lounge”
  • Start and end on a high point- The best room
  • Point out any less-than-obvious features
  • Mention previous improvements and future potential
  • Allow enough time for viewers to look at rooms more than once
  • Invite people to sit down and savour your home
  • Be helpful, positive and polite
  • Great questions to ask a buyer – By the estate agent.

“What have you seen that is better value than this home?”

“If you do not purchase this home, what are your options?”

“ Would you use the home in its current layout?”

All of this needs to be combined with linking aspects of your home to the lives of your viewers to encourage honest comments – something buyers rarely do in front of the owner for fear of causing offence.

In short, leave it to the estate agent 🙂 

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